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Hi! I'm Littler Cat M!
I'm the feisty, younger one! I was born in April 1993 and am loads of fun. I'm very much a momma's boy. Momma hasn't had as much time for me since those babies keep coming! I thought I was her baby! But she still finds time to scratch my head and let me chew on her arms. So she's still a good momma. My best buddy is Fat Cat O, who likes to pretend I'm bugging her by hissing at me. But I know she loves me. My hobbies are sleeping, running around for no reason, climbing in bags, and crawling under rugs.

There are more pictures of me, including my cute baby picture, if you're interested!

Hello! I'm Fat Cat O!
I'm the sleek, sophisticated, older family feline. I was born in April 1991. I'm definitely my daddy's girl. Iused to carry things to daddy in the middle of the night, like scarves and pony-tail holders. When he was sound asleep I would just drop them in the bed for him. Sometimes we even played "fetch" until I was out of breath! These days I get all my exercise by glaring and hissing at Littler Cat M, who remains a constant thorn in my side, walking too close, looking too long... I didn't like him when he came, I still don't, and I make sure he knows it. While I'm not terribly fond of visitors, I try to give everyone the pleasure of meeting me. The last few years I have also devoted excess energy to my hobby: getting FAT. I am now nearly 20 pounds!

There are more pictures of me, if you're interested!

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