March 11, 2011

In Case You Need To Know

We are planning to switch Web Hosts.

This may or may not have an impact on the accessibility of my blog.

Which, fortunately, has very little activity, so it would not be an internet catastrophe if all were lost. Although there might be two or three confused readers, should that happen.

So now those potential confused readers have been warned.

If all goes seamlessly, I'll see you on the other side, to resume my sporadic random blogging.

Oh, yes, and I'll be turning off all commenting until we break on through to the other side. You'll have to just comment in your head.

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March 8, 2011

unending battle walking up the down escalator

Can't hurt to try, right?

I'm getting a late start, but still ... it can't hurt to try, right?

I'd put that over in my sidebar, too, in place of that long-defunct walking challenge, except that that would bring up the whole "my blog needs an overhaul" issue and we've already discussed that. Ughhhh.

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